Zol Sand Polarized Sunglasses - Zol
Zol Sand Polarized Sunglasses - Zol
Zol Sand Polarized Sunglasses - Zol
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Zol Sand Polarized Sunglasses

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  • UV400 Protection: Your eyes deserve the best protection. These sunglasses block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, shielding your eyes from the sun's damaging effects. Feel confident knowing your vision is safeguarded.
  • Polarized Lens Technology: Our sunglasses feature advanced polarized lens technology that reduces glare from reflective surfaces like water, snow, and roads. This provides enhanced clarity and reduces eye strain.
  • Comfortable Fit: We prioritize comfort as much as style. The lightweight frame ensure a snug yet comfortable fit, making these sunglasses ideal for all-day wear.
  • Anti-slip technology for sunglasses is a valuable feature that enhances the comfort and practicality of eyewear, especially in active or outdoor settings. This technology is designed to prevent sunglasses from slipping down your nose or falling off during physical activities or in hot and humid conditions.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether you're driving, cycling, hiking, or simply lounging by the pool, these sunglasses are suitable for various outdoor activities and occasions.
  • *One year warranty directly with manufacturer.

The Zol Sand Polarized sunglasses are ideal for outdoor activities, sports, and everyday use. Lightweight and rubber anti-slip technology in the temple tips and nose prevent the sunglasses from slipping off. Fits small to large faces and provides 100% UV protection. One year warranty directly with manufacturer. Includes a microfiber pouch to clean and store the sunglasses.

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