Costa del mar Taxman
Universal Sunglasses

Costa del mar Taxman

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Size : L

This is the most sold size


Nose Bridge: High Bridge Fit

Offers a more secure and comfortable fit for those with a high nose bridge and lower cheekbones. A good choice if the bridge of your nose is above the level of your pupils.

​Premium Polarized 580 Lenses*

Filtering reflective glare is essential for anyone on the water or outdoors. We sell only polarized sunglasses.


100% UV Protection

Your Costas absorb 100% of UV light, providing you the best in light management and protection.

Scratch Resistant and Durable

The C-Wall coating provides extra scratch-resistance and a barrier that repels water, oil and sweat for easy cleaning.Like its namesake, Taxman boasts a bold, oversized, and powerful aesthetic whose presence is backed with its technical prowess. There is much more under the hood that makes this an apex frame within our lineup, our Pathfinder design DNA ensures you can perform at the peak of your abilities, no mat ter what adventure you embark on.


Model name: Taxman

Item no: 6S9116 911604 59-16

Frame color: Matte Black

Lens color: Gold Mirror

Lens material: Polarized Glass (580G)

Size: L

Lens curve: Base 6 Decentered

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